For Residents

Become Informed

Take Action

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  • Speak up and vote No at the Town Meeting on Dec. 10!

Maintain Your Septic System

  • Adhere to septic system best practices

  • Have your septic system pumped every 2 years

For the Town

Sewer Oversight Committee

The Board of Selectmen has too many other responsibilities to give the sewer proper oversight. We want a separate committee specifically for sewer management. This committee would provide accountability for unusually high sewer fees in Acton and be a source of transparent information.

Public Outreach

Public education about septic maintenance can prolong optimal functioning of septic systems in Acton.

Ensure Septic Maintenance

Ensure that homeowners adhere to a two-year pumping schedule.

Resume Nitrate Testing

The Acton Health Department is very busy and should be given resources to resume nitrate testing in Acton streams and wetlands.

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