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  • What is proposed in West Acton?
    There is a proposal to extend the South Acton sewer to approximately 200 properties in West Acton. Sewage from West Acton would be pumped to a treatment facility in South Acton. This proposal is scheduled to come to a vote at Town Meeting on December 10, 2019.
  • Would sewers be more expensive?
    Sewers would be much more expensive than septic systems for West Acton homeowners. Use the Calculator to see what your costs would be. Read more...
  • Would sewers increase development and traffic in West Acton?
    Yes. See examples of development enabled by Acton's sewers here.
  • Would sewering West Acton lower the sewer fee for South Acton?
    No. In fact, sewer fees are more likely to increase if the sewer is extended to West Acton. Read more...
  • Do septic systems in West Acton fail more frequently than normal?
    No. On average, septic systems in West Acton fail Title V inspections less frequently than average in Acton. Read more...
  • Are West Acton septic systems bad for the environmental?
    No. According to data from the Acton Health Department, markers of septic discharge in surface and ground water are lower in West Acton than surrounding areas. Read more...
  • I live in West Acton. Can I opt out?
    No. If you live in the proposed sewer district, you will be charged a betterment fee of $34,000 - $39,000, regardless of whether or not you use the sewer. Moreover, when your septic system fails, you will be required to hook up to the the sewer at an additional cost of ~$5,000 and then will have to start paying sewer usage fees averaging $730 per year. Therefore, we recommend coming to Town Meeting on Dec. 10, 2019, voicing your concerns and voting No to this proposal.
  • What are your recommendations?
    After speaking with town officials, residents, soil and water scientists and wastewater professionals, the Friends of West Acton has assembled a set of recommendations for residents and the Town.
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