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Formed in 2019 by Mike Geis and Chris Williams, we're a group of local residents who love West Acton. We wanted to learn more about the sewer proposal, so we reached out to scientists, wastewater professionals, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Acton Health Department to get a better understanding of the issues. We've researched everything from financial cost to environmental concerns. Please join our mailing list to stay informed of meetings and announcements. Also please let us know if anything on the site isn't working, and we'll fix it promptly. We hope you find this site interesting and informative!


We would like to express our gratitude to the following for sharing insights and expertise, although they may not share our viewpoints:


Sheryl Ball, Director of Acton Health Department

Paul Campbell, Town Engineer
Al English, previously member of sewer WANT committee

Ron Beck, Chair of Water Resources Advisory Committee (WRAC)

Ronald Parenti, WRAC, previously Acton Water District Commissioner

Barry Rosen, Acton Water District Commissioner, previously on WRAC

Al Averill, State Soil Scientist, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Bob Silva, Septic Preservation Services

Matt Dalton, SES Wastewater

Jack Troidl, Project Manager, Woodard & Curran

Organizations and Publications

Acton Water District
Acton Health Department
West Acton Sewer Action Advisory Committee
CWRMP, as well as primary author Woodard & Curran

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

South Acton Neighborhood Association

West Acton Baptist Church

Green Acton

ABC Cesspool

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