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Sewers and West Acton Businesses

The sewer betterment fee for a commercial property is based on the parcel's land area. Current estimates of betterment fees show that many businesses would have to pay betterment fees in excess of $200,000. The owner of New London Pizza would owe betterment fees for the parcels containing the local bookstore, Tables to Teapots and New London Pizza, totaling over $350,000. As a result, some of these businesses may be forced to close, and the land sold to condo developers. David Hebert, co-owner of Legend Cafe in West Acton, says, "It will not be cost effective for us to stay in West Acton if we get hit with betterment and usage fees." In conclusion, while some businesses would benefit from sewers and lobby aggressively for their construction, other businesses would be adversely affected.

West Acton Village zoning allows 100% high-density residential development. Therefore, as land is sold to developers, many businesses will be replaced with high-density housing and increased traffic.


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